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Another ICO Scam Alert: This New Token Sank 90% After ICO

Jan 22, 2018


A new cryptocurrency HPS sank as much as 90% of its ICO price after it got listed on a bitcoin exchange. A promising blockchain project or another ICO scam? “After my investigation, It is certainly a fraud.” A veteran crypto trader claimed on his Weibo account on January 22. ...

Chandler Guo: An Elaborately-made PowerPoint Helps ICOs Scam Money

Apr 27, 2017


Note: Chandler Guo, a Chinese miner and an angel investor, talked about his insights on investment opportunities in the crypto space in an interview with When I attended the Money 20/20 conference in 2015, I thought that everyone would just focus on Bitcoin, but surprisingl...

Watch out! Asians Are Very Serious About Blockchain

Dec 7, 2016

Olusegun Ogundeji

A Toronto-based author of the book, The Business Blockchain, has hinted that the world should be on the lookout for what could emanate from the growing Asian interest in the Blockchain technology. Mougayar making a presentation at Talks at Google A Toronto-based author of the b...