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Crypto Giants Elbow into Top Richest in China

Oct 10, 2018


As the rapid rise of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, crypto giants in China are particularly eye-catching. According to the Hurun China Rich List 2018 released on October 10, big names in the crypto space have been seen on the list for the first time. Bitmain’s founders Micr...

China’s First Hotel to Accept Ethereum Payment

Sep 28, 2018


September 24 - A hotel in southwest China featured by accepting Ethereum payment has opened today, named Ether Hotel (Yitai in Chinese pinyin). Front view of Ether Hotel The hotel is supposed to be the first in the country, and perhaps the first in the world, to openly allow guest...

Bitmain’s Antpool Sponsors the NBA Houston Rockets with BCH

Sep 20, 2018


AntPool, one of the world’s largest bitcoin mining pools, has been an official sponsor of the NBA Houston Rockets for the upcoming 2018-2019 season which kicks off in October, according to sources at Bitmain. Antpool employees and members of the Houston Rockets The sponsorship is...

Top 16 Public Blockchain and 10 Blockchain Influencers in China

Sep 14, 2018


As blockchain becomes a buzz of today, some choose to invest directly cryptocurrencies underpinned by this innovative technology, or start up blockchain firms, and some of the largest companies are also dabbing in the tech. Big names like Baidu (China’s Google), Alibaba (e-commerce conglomera...

Accumulation Is Key in Bitcoin Investment, Says Binance CEO

Aug 27, 2018


Bitcoin is between bulls and bears in recurrent situations, and the market sentiments are alike back and forth along with it. In such contexts, Chaopeng Zhao, Binance CEO, tweeted that the key to success in bitcoin investment lies in accumulation. “Accumulation is key! I heard for ma...

Beijing Bans All Venues from Hosting Crypto-Related Promotions

Aug 22, 2018


Chaoyang District of Beijing has released an official notice to ban office buildings, hotels and all other possible venues in the district from hosting activities related to cryptocurrencies, according to the official notice released August 22 by the local financial regulator. As per the noti...