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Official Retailer of Chinese Tech Company Enables Crypto Payments

Aug 8, 2021

Leading Chinese technological company, Xiaomi has enabled the acceptance of cryptocurrency payments for purchases in one of its official retail outfits. This is in line with the company’s goal of maintaining its status as a technological, innovative, and disruptive brand. Xiaomi customers w...

China Suspends Software Company Over Cryptocurrency Involvement

Jul 8, 2021

Beijing Qudao Cultural Development Co Ltd, a software development company based in China has been ordered by the country’s central bank to suspend operations. The reason for this suspension is reported to be as a result of the company's involvement in cryptocurrency activities, despite the ...

Hong Kong Plans to Ban Retail Investors From Trading Cryptocurrency

Feb 19, 2021


The Hong Kong government is pushing forward a legislative proposal to ban retail investors from trading crypto and require all virtual assets trading platforms to obtain licenses to operate in the territory — a prospect that crypto industry insiders say will cause Hong Kong to lose competitive...

A Global Perspective on Central Bank Digital Currency

Jan 21, 2021

Crypto News

Author: David Kuo Chuen Lee, Li Yan &Yu Wang To see the inserted pics clearer, plz visit the original link: ABSTRACT This paper discusses the ke...

China Encourages Citizens To Embrace Blockchain But Ignore Crypto

Dec 3, 2020

In an article that was recently published on the Chinese state media Xinhuanet, citizens of the country and other inhabitants have been discouraged from taking part in cryptocurrency activities. Emphasis on this advice was pegged on the current surge that Bitcoin price is experiencing, since it...