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New Player to Join China’s Crypto Mining Space  

Jan 15, 2021

Olusegun Ogundeji

As talks of MicroBT (Whatsminer maker) planning to go public on the US Nasdaq stock exchange market persist, a Chinese holding company that provides marketing data, technology and solutions has joined the list of new players going into crypto mining. SOS Limited, formerly known as ...

Crypto Mining Capitalization May Become An Irresistible Trend

Dec 30, 2020

Vincent He

Some listed companies focusing on crypto mining have emerged one after another as bitcoin price skyrocketing. The shares of those listed companies in the United States and Canada, such as RIOT Blockchain, Bit Digital, Marathon Patent Group, have soared., a top online sports...

Antminer S9 Becomes the Rage at the Market as Bitcoin Hit $24k

Dec 23, 2020

Vincent He

As bitcoin skyrocketing to record-high to $24000, Antminer S9 is once again popular in the market. At present, the latest prices of the second-hand Antminer S9 have been above 250 Chinese yuan. 20 days ago, the price of the machine was only about 110 Chinese yuan, which has doubled in such a...

Micree Zhan Back to Acquire Part of Bitmain’s Business Line

Dec 22, 2020

Vincent He

Micree Zhan and Wu Jihan, two co-founders of Bitmain have formally reached an agreement. Zhan temporarily to mortgage his shares and lend $600 million from Bitmain to acquire some shares of Wu Jihan. Bitmain’s subsidiaries like, BitDeer and overseas mining farms was contro...

China Crypto Roundup (Nov 16- Nov 23): OKEx to Resume Withdrawal, Crypto Miners in China Get Their Cards Frozen by the Chinese Government, Huobi to Take over Top South Korea Crypto Exchange Bithumb

Nov 23, 2020

Vincent He

The top stories from the Chinese cryptocurrency sphere this past week include: OKEx to resume withdrawals after the temporary suspension, Several Chinese miners bank accounts frozen allegedly for fraud and money laundering, Huobi prime bidder to purchase top South Korean Bitcoin exchange ...

The Reasons for Antminer S9’s Survival

Nov 11, 2020

Vincent He

Antminer S9, the old-fashioned type from Bitmain can still generate profits by from crypto mining as Bitcoin "completes" a strong performance like the stellar move from $12,000 to $15,950 seen over the past few weeks. Electricity charge for S9 mining is 0.34 CNY/kW·h (data from F2P...