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Chinese Police Busted 300 Million Yuan Crypto Scam HeroChain

Apr 25, 2019

lylian Teng

Chinese Police has recently busted an RMB300 million crypto exit scam that amassed over 300 million yuan ($46 million) with 21 suspects involved. A gang of over 15 suspects involved in the scam has been arrested and other 6 still at large, according to local police in Hengyang, a city of H...

Bitcoin Market Rejects China’s Mining Ban Fear

Apr 11, 2019

Olusegun Ogundeji

Recent news that China is planning to eliminate the crypto mining industry from within its borders has not really swayed Bitcoin market sentiment. Chart flows from Coinmarketcap and TradingView show the top cryptocurrency has maintained a firm grip on its over $5,000 price and, going by ...

China Says It Wants to Eliminate Crypto Mining

Apr 9, 2019

lylian Teng

China’s authority has classified cryptocurrency mining as the industry that shall be eliminated immediately, a sign of growing government pressure on the cryptocurrency sector. China, a good fit for cryptocurrency mining with cheap electricity and land available in remote areas, has been doin...

China’s Blockchain Agenda Could Happen Sooner Than You Think

Apr 5, 2019

Olusegun Ogundeji

In this concluding report from a recent RMIT Europe workshop on blockchain held in Barcelona, the focus is on China and blockchain. In the first post, the main speaker shares how blockchain stands to capture an estimated 35% of global economy cost - about $27 trillion. China seems ...

This Chinese Bitcoiner Tells You What A Hodler

Apr 4, 2019

lylian Teng

A Chinese bitcoiner, who persisted in hoarding bitcoin on a weekly basis amidst the crypto winter since 2015, has accumulated over 44 BTC by 2017 at the cost totaling $17,000 and kept these BTC intact throughout the next two dramatic years. Starting from March 11 2015, the guy, with the...

Blockchain Stands to Capture One-Third of Global Economy Cost

Mar 2, 2019

Olusegun Ogundeji

Blockchain’s greatest potential scale of opportunity lies in its capability as a trust machine - a way to industrialise the manufacturing of truths. Its non-human way of producing truth exposes the technology’s economy to more than a third of the global economy in coming years giving it acces...