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Bytom (BTM) Listed on CoinEx, BTM/BCH Is Coming

Feb 1, 2018

lylian Teng

January 30, 2018- Bytom and CoinEx jointly announced that BTM would be listed on CoinEx on Feb 1st, and support BTM/BCH trading pair for the first time. So far, BTM/BTC, BTM/ETH, BTM/USDT and BTM/BCH trading pairs are available. This is Bytom’s second ov...

Bytom Blockchain: A Big Stride of Combining AI and Blockchain

Jan 20, 2018

lylian Teng

Lang Yu, CTO of Bytom Blockchain (hereinafter referred to as Bytom), with the core developers of Bytom, gives us a comprehensive interpretation of Bytom’s POW algorithm that are friendly to AI ASIC chips, and to uncover the mathematical realm hidden behind the blockchain world. ...

Updated: 50% Reward for Help, Over 1 Million BTM Stolen

Jan 18, 2018

lylian Teng

REALLY URGENT! PLEASE HELP! 1.It just happened that 361,960 BTM was transferred from 0xeea869a19101c840c1b7998e5d5974f54d8b25ae to 0xf07232Bc85D995c32C1EDf1C985C84A8B7b0DEd7 (which is supposed to be registered in a British exchange, ...

An ICO Investor Threatens to Kill All of Us at 8btc

Aug 16, 2017


Last Month, a cryptocurrency investor who couldn’t handle sudden wealth was sent to a mental hospital. He first heard of an ICO project called GXB five months ago on a bitcoin forum and decided to invest in it. He was so determined that he sold his house and invested all the money in it....