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Chinese Billionaire Behind Tencent Just ‘Dissed’ Cryptocurrency

Jan 23, 2018


January 23,2018- Ma Huateng (better known as Pony Ma) , the chairman of China’s technology titan Tencent Holdings, gave his opinion on digital currency and its underlying technology blockchain on January 22. “Currently ,numerous public blockchains (bitcoin, for example) have consume...

Want a Job in Alibababa? Learn Blockchain Technology First!

Jan 22, 2018


Blockchain becomes a hot topic these days in science and technology industry, several giants have made their voices heard. Alibababa Group, the largest e-commerce merchant in China, also shows their interest in this advanced fintech. According to a social recruitment, the technology departme...

Who Will be the Next Alibaba for Blockchain?

Jan 21, 2018


What’s the revolutionary product or technology that could strike a blow to Internet and tech giants, like “BAT”(Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent) in China? In the views of many investors, blockchain has that power. At the China Angel Investment Summit held on January 12, Xitai S...

Angel Investor Xu Xiaoping: Embrace The Blockchain Revolution

Jan 10, 2018


When you are scratching your head wondering what the hell is blockchain, someone has already stepped forward to announce the advent of blockchain revolution. Bob Xu Xiaoping, widely known as Teacher Xu for his another identity as the New Oriental co-founder, is the biggest and most succes...