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France, new ICO Framework and African Countries

Sep 20, 2018

Olusegun Ogundeji

France's first-of-its-kind framework that will ease the conduct of ICOs - initial coin offerings - in the country may see its impact spread to Africa where blockchain has been gaining momentum. There have been inconclusive debates on how to regulate the novel blockchain-based crowdfunding m...

How Crypto Dream Broke in 4 Months

Sep 18, 2018


As a jargon popular among Chinese crypto enthusiasts, “one day in the crypto sphere is one year in the earthly world”, used to vividly explain that the fluctuation of a cryptocurrency in a single day might be greater than the one-year volatility of other assets in value. A tech-savvy who use...

Samsung Launches Its New Blockchain Tool “BankSign” for Banks

Aug 28, 2018


Samsung SDS, the Internet technology subsidiary of South Korea’s tech conglomerate Samsung Group, announced on Monday that it has developed a blockchain-based certification platform designed to make it easier for people to carry out transactions among different banks, news agency Yonhap ...

Ping An Eyes 1 Million-Scale Transaction on Blockchain

Aug 25, 2018


The crypto commercial ban issued by the local governors of Chaoyang District of Beijing makes a splash in the crypto world. People is wondering whether blockchain can be used in broader financial transactions beyond the cryptocurrency usage. Financial institutions is looking forward to enha...