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Game of Death In The Bitcoin Mining Industry

May 5, 2018


Bitcoin mining is suffering from the bear crisis. After the slump in the beginning of 2018, bitcoin mining is walking into winter as bitcoin drop from $10,000 down to $7,000 in March. As analyst with Morgan Stanley predicted that if the coin can’t recover $8,600, many Bitcoin miners wil...

Hong Kong Report Grade Bitcoin as Low Risk in Financial Crime

May 2, 2018


April 30, The Financial Services and Treasury Bureau (FSTB) in Hong Kong has released its Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Risk Assessment Report. The report concluded that bitcoin is not particularly involved in any type of financial crime, however, the anonymous trading...

Middle-aged Chinese Investors Lured to The Crypto World

May 1, 2018


Money never sleeps. In China, it’s rephrased as blockchain never sleeps, so do the crypto investors. While it is exciting and exhausting, physically and emotionally, for middle-aged cryptocurrency investors to catch up with the fresh new stuff and follow the trending news happening in the crypt...