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Chinese Bitcoin Miners Fear Another Price Dump

Jan 14, 2021

Vincent He

From the second half of the year 2020, things start going like three years ago. After breaking through $10000, the price of bitcoin once skyrocketing to $40000. Long Qin, a bitcoin miner in China, has been persisting in hoarding bitcoins, and the three bitcoins he mined in five years ago hav...

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Hits Record High Amid Price Rally

Jan 12, 2021

lylian Teng

Along with bitcoin breaking new all-time highs, its mining difficulty also hits a record high. Saturday’s adjustment at block 665,280 marks the biggest increase in nearly 4 months, a 10.79% increase from the December 28 adjustment, putting the metric above 20 trillion for the first time ever....

China Economic Daily Pours Cold Water on Bitcoin as Rally Extends

Jan 8, 2021

lylian Teng

First it went through $20,000, 10 days later, it broke through $25,000, and then it broke $30,000, and now in just the first week of 2021, another major milestone has been reached as bitcoin price surpasses $40,000. With bitcoin’s meteoric rise in price and showing no signs of abating, it is c...

Digital Yuan Arrives Shanghai in Card Form 

Jan 7, 2021

Olusegun Ogundeji

The trial of China's digital currency electronic payment (DCEP) project continues in yet another major city, Shanghai, and is being experimented in a physical card form instead of smartphones for digital payments. Medical staff at the Tongren Hospital Shanghai Jiaotong University Sc...

Chinese State Media Warns Against Leverage Trading Bitcoin

Jan 6, 2021

The massive effort to promote blockchain technology in China is only dwarfed by the state-wide effort to suppress the use of cryptocurrencies. Trading Bitcoin and other digital assets have long been banned in mainland China, with both state and local governments frequently dismissing the use an...

China Crypto Roundup (Dec.29-Jan.4): Automaker Withdraws Statement about Purchasing Cars with Bitcoin, Ebang to Launch Crypto Exchange, China’s DCEP Lands in Beijing

Jan 4, 2021

lylian Teng

Just two weeks after passing $20,000, bitcoin hit the $30,000 milestone on the second day of 2021. Witnessing the great bull, traditional companies are eyeing bitcoin, but it turned out to be unrealistic in China under the current regulatory pressure. Automaker to accept bitcoin? On Dec....

2020 China Crypto Regulation in Review

Dec 31, 2020

lylian Teng

The last 12 months have seen tremendous changes take place in the cryptocurrency sphere. And in this year, China seems to show some tolerance to the crypto industry with compliant bitcoin mining operations being supported by some local governments in the country. This year, the Chinese gover...