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Altcoins Urge Rescue as $460 Billion Loss to Hit New Low

Aug 15, 2019

Vincent He

Since Bitcoin began its 2019 charge starting with the “April Fool’s day rally,” most altcoins seem to be slipping when compared to the top-ranked cryptocurrency. There is now a growing debate about whether the altcoin market will experience the same massive price gains seen in Bitcoin du...

Crypto Giant OKEx Has Delisted a Quarter of Crypto Tokens

Dec 4, 2018

lylian Teng

OKEx, one of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency trading platforms, has delisted more than 180 trading pairs and 150 plus bad-performing tokens so far amid the slump of the crypto market. As the crypto markets are seeing large corrections, the lucrative crypto exchanges have been removin...

The Impact of CSTs on Bitcoin Ecology

Nov 20, 2017


Introduction IFO – The initial fork coins, circulated in the currency circle. Especially today, the news that Li Xiaolai plans to issue an SBTC detonated coin circle, of course, voice of condemnation is high. I will not talk about whether it’s a reasonable and just act to copy t...

“Bitcoin or Altcoin Mining, It’s Nice to Make Some Money.”

Jul 6, 2017


Bitcoin has brought about many revolutionary innovations, one of which is bitcoin mining where everyone is able to generate bitcoin. PL, a Beijing-based marketing officer, joined the race of mining bitcoin in late 2013. At that time, the price of per bitcoin was about 7000 yuan. And mining ...