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Binance Dips its Toes Back into China by Testing Alipay

Oct 12, 2019

Vincent He

Binance’s Changpeng Zhao publicly confirmed on Twitter that  the exchange accepts fiat through Alipay and WeChat , and stressed it in an official statement. This is obviously too careless for Zhao to announce the issue that triggered Alipay’s ban on all crypto-related transactions. ...

Chinese Gamers Practice Gift Card Arbitrage by Bitcoin OTC Trade

Aug 23, 2019

Vincent He

Chinese gamers take Bitcoin as a cross-border payment to buy steam’s gift card. Steam is a video game digital distribution platform providing automatic updates for users’ games. And gift card is a kind of recharge card for users in steam platform. Chinese gamers prefer to buy gift cards...

Another Reason for PBoC’s ‘Bitcoin Exchange Ban’ Claim

Sep 12, 2017

Olusegun Ogundeji

The recent suggestion that the Chinese central bank is considering to ban bitcoin exchanges operating in the country may be connected to the sharp bounce the yuan had last week to hit a near 2-year peak on the dollar. Though the veracity of the claim of a ban is yet to be confirmed, its propos...

How regulation help decentralize bitcoin OTC in China

Apr 21, 2017

ShiLiang Huang

0.Introduction At the beginning of this year, the government in China was tightening Bitcoin trading rules. All Bitcoin exchanges in China have stopped processing Bitcoin withdrawals. Everyone are very pessimistic. But two months later, Bitcoin wasn't taken down. Instead it gets a...

Chinese bitcoin traders lost track of authentic price

Feb 14, 2017

Red Li

As the latest response to the regulatory pressure, Haobtc plans to remove “trading” feature and shutdown of CNY deposit on Monday. Bitkan also chose to stay low by suspending verification of new OTC traders. Chinese traders are seeking genuine bitcoin trade price. Haobtc released a st...