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FCoin Exchange Shutdown: Technical Difficulties or Planned Scam?

Feb 25, 2020


The AnChain.AI team reconstructed FCoin’s Bitcoin on-chain exchange flow timeline based on the official cold wallet, and revealed interesting insights on their original 25,000 Bitcoin funds months before the FCoin shutdown announcement. Is FCoin facing technical difficulties, or is it...

Legal Advice for Victims in FCoin Shutdown

Feb 20, 2020

Vincent He

A big announcement by FCoin is rocking the crypto world. Zhang Jian, the founder of Chinese crypto exchange Fcoin, revealed in a post earlier today that FCoin may not be able to pay the 7,000-13,000 BTC (worth $67 million to $125 million) that it owes users. Individual investors or...

Crypto Exchange FCoin in Hot Water for Alleged Employee Discontent

Feb 14, 2020

lylian Teng

China-based FCoin, a controversial cryptocurrency exchange known for its innovative “Trans-Fee Mining” incentive program, has recently triggered a quite stir in the Chinese crypto space with allegations of the platform’s permanent shutdown and key members remaining out of contact. It s...