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After Filecoin and Chia, Swarm Mining Is Taking China By Storm

Jun 9, 2021

The controversy surrounding Filecoin and Chia mining is yet to leave the mainstream media, but it seems that another mining craze has already taken China by storm. Swarm, a distributed storage project that claims to have direct ties to the Ethereum Foundation, has become the latest obsession ...

Top Chinese Chains Bridge as Ethereum Transaction Fees Peak

Apr 22, 2021

Olusegun Ogundeji

Ethereum on-chain USD transaction fees hit the second highest level in history on Tuesday April 20 just as Conflux permissionless Layer 1 public blockchain launched a multi-chain asset solution that enables bi-directional interoperability for digital assets across several chains including th...

Chinese ETH Miners Invest More in Machines as Gas Price Dumps

Oct 14, 2020

Vincent He

Ethereum gas prices have declined to 36Gwei, the three-month low since the DeFi boom, falling 93% from the peak. However, the data on the chain shows Ethereum network hashrate continues to grow, and the miners are frantically investing more in machines. According to the data from QKL...

ETH Withdrawal Frenzy in China as DEX Mining Runs Rampant

Sep 8, 2020

Vincent He

In the early morning of June 6, Chinese users found they had difficulties in withdrawing coins from some crypto CEXes (Centralized Exchange). It was reported that the ETH futures in Huobi could not be cancelled, another centralized exchange OKEx also suspended the withdrawal of ETH...

Ethereum Miners Are Making $800,000 Per Hour

Sep 2, 2020


The daily revenue from Ethereum transaction fees more than doubled in just one day—and it keeps growing. Just a day after yielding over half a million dollars in transaction fees in one hour, Ethereum miners’ average hourly revenue surged to $800,000 today, according to crypto analytics...