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Miners VS Bitcoin Core, Who Wins?

Nov 17, 2017


Last week, the main signatories of SegWit2X announced a halt to the hard fork in mid-month due to a lack of community consensus on the program. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) prices skyrocketed from $ 995 to nearly $ 2,000, and a 100% increase generated much suspicion. Background Bitcoin’s pri...

Mobile Wallet Bitkan Launches Bitcoin Cash OTC Trading Service

Aug 28, 2017


Bitcoin-focused data and trading services provider Bitkan has officially announced the launch of BCC OTC trade. The new OTC service allows Bitkan app users to trade BCC outside the online exchanges at competitive prices. When BCC appeared earlier this month, founder of ViaBT...

Will Bitcoin Cash Be a Litecoin Killer?

Jul 31, 2017


Update: Charlie Lee talks about Litecoin on CNBC and he doesn't see Bitcoin Cash as a threat. The price of Litecoin has been gaining momentum over the past few months with the activation of Segwit, or as some say, “survived bloodbath”. As Bitcoin is in a crucial stage and Ethere...