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Suffering a Deficit, Crypto Miners Try to Survive as Winter Coming

Nov 28, 2019

Vincent He

On November 25, F2pool said in social media that " six kinds of bitcoin mining machines including Antminer S9 are suffering a deficit if accounted at electricity charge of 0.38 Chinese yuan /kWh according to the current mining difficulty." Bitcoin price plunged below $6700 on that day, wh...

ASICs as an Open Platform, Bring Power Back to the People

Apr 8, 2019

Jacob Gadikian

NB: This story comes from my involvement in several Telegram chats with people working to pry open hardware platforms that have been intentionally closed by their makers. It should absolutely be understood as advocating for a certain point of view with regard to how software should work on AS...

Yang Zuoxing – The Man behind Antminer S9 and Whatsminer (Shenma)

Aug 29, 2018

lylian Teng

Cryptocurrency trading is a global activity, but Chinese chipmakers have led the way in developing the most efficient mining machines to mine the cryptos. Crypto mining unicorns Bitmain (founded in 2013), Canaan (founded in 2013) and Ebang (in 2010) have risen rapidly in the digital gold rush ...

Bitmain’s Brand New Z9 Equihash ASIC Miner is Coming Soon

Jul 16, 2018


The new Antminer Z9 released by Bitmain gains further concern from crypto mining communities. It supersedes the ‘Antminer Z9 mini’ and has been marketed as Bitmain’s most powerful and efficient ASIC miner to date. Which also shows the mining giant is enhance its control over PoW mi...