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8btc Online Summit | Should We Hold On after the Bitcoin Crash

Mar 18, 2020

lylian Teng

Bitcoin has suffered a historic week of catastrophic drop this past week. Crypto investors are stunned when the price of the primary cryptocurrency almost halved to $$3,800 in just two days beginning on March 12. Though the price has bounced later the week, it continues hovering around the $4...

8BTC English Site Contributors Wanted!

Feb 21, 2020


8BTC is one of the earliest and most influential news producers. What we are looking for are crypto and blockchain enthusiasts who like to find interesting and meaningful news, who like to share their own experience, and who like to comment on things in crypto world. What you will get are c...

Bytom Adopts the POW Mechanism to Secure Blockchain Assets

Aug 17, 2017


The vision of Bytom is to bridge assets of atomic world to that of the byte world. To achieve it, we must guarantee the security and stability of the Bytom system. As such, our developers chose to adopt the proof-of-work system at the first place. But how to make the Bytom mining more energy-...