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Staking Rewards Releases the 2021 Staking Ecosystem Report


The Staking Ecosystem Report examines the Proof of Stake industry at large and provides a holistic view on the current State of Staking as well as challenges ahead.

St Gallen, Switzerland — 15th October 2021 — Staking Rewards, the independent data aggregator and market leader for staking data & research, has released an extensive research report on the current state of the Proof of Stake industry. The report includes unique on-chain data points that have never been released before, as well as insights that analyze the transition from Proof of Work to the energy-efficient Proof of Stake.

Staking Rewards has interviewed 20 key industry thought leaders of the likes of Kraken, Chorus One, Binance, Bitcoin Suisse, T Systems and many more to get their views on the key-defining industry topics and trends.

The trends investigated include but are not limited to Governance, Decentralization, Liquid Staking, Security, Regulations & Taxation, and more. The report features cutting-edge insights for anyone interested in Proof of Stake and who is looking to get an insider’s perspective on the industry and ecosystem as a whole.

The report features a survey that has been conducted with over 200 investors/users on the Staking Rewards platform. The retail and institutional stakers have been questioned around the importance of decentralization, the decision-making process when delegating, their main blockers for not staking, and much more.

Staking Rewards is the market leader for all things data and research related to Proof of Stake and Staking. The company has been trending at a rapid pace along with the PoS industry with over 400k unique monthly users and their team growing from 3 people at the end of 2020 to over 12 employees as of October 2021.

Since their first Staking Ecosystem Report in 2019, the staking ecosystem has seen a dramatic increase in popularity and capital inflow. According to the data by Staking Rewards, the Proof of Stake Industry Has Grown by 1,550% over the past year. Meanwhile, the overall crypto market is “only” up by 673% confirming the exponential growth and progress that we have been seeing recently.

While 19 out of the 20 biggest smart contract platforms are powered by Proof of Stake already, the industry enters now the next growth phase with several challenges ahead. The Staking Ecosystem Report is addressing issues, risks, as well as opportunities for the years ahead.

Staking Rewards’ mission is to foster a healthy and sustainable Proof of Stake ecosystem. The Staking Ecosystem Report provides some unique takeaways that might help the industry to grow and mature further.

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To learn more about the key takeaways from the Staking ecosystem report, you can now sign up to the 2021 Staking Summit with speakers including Lorien Gabel, Felix Lutsch, Chris Remus, and many more.

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Press Contact Information:

Mr. Mirko Schmidl Co-Founder & CEO Telegram: @berlincrypto

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