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Sohu News Client General Manager Quit His Job to Embrace Blockchain Technology

April 28, it was reported that Cai Mingjun, the News General Manager of Sohu.come Inc., will leave the company at the end of April and starts up a blockchain project. Sohu CEO Zhang Chaoyang would also invests in the blockchain startup found by Cai.zKo_-fztkpip1365099

In 2003, Chai joined Sohu, China’s leading online media,video, search and gaming business group, and was in charge of vertical search of Sogou search engine and product development of the payment system, financial products and automobile of Sohu. He left Sohu in 2011 to start his own business but returened two years later. After that, Cai set up a mobile research and development department and lead the development of a content recommendation engine and a video P2P network. He has been the general manager of Sohu’s news client.

Cai has eyed blokchain for a long time and he has demonstrated his point of views in various  occasions. In a global blockchain entrepreneurship competition hosted in February, Cai stated that

“the Token economy is an epochal technological innovation based on blockchain. It enables us to atomize and capitalize the digital world and transform the byte circulation to a value circulation. We should put more efforts into this new tech and induct it to more valuable scenarios.”

Cai haven’t disclosed what sort of blockchain application he would be working on, but he predicted that the first large-scale application of blockchain would take place in financial, IOT and copyright protection areas.

In the mean time, he also emphasized that, to those who want to participate in the blockchain industry, they must overcome cognitive barriers:

“A centralized thinking could not be used in solving decentralized problems. It is also very important to choose a right “track”, which means you should choose the scenario that matches your own resources, then “All-in” it, and you will get somewhere in the end.”

It was also reported that Sohu’s CEO Zhang Chaoyang would invests in Cai’s blockchain project. It would be the first time for Zhang to invest in a blockchain project but the total investment is still unknown.


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