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Shoucheng Zhang: AI Suits Best With Decentralized Data Market Driven By Blockchain

25 March Shenzhen- The 2018 China IT Leader Summit was held in Shenzhen as reported by Lieyun. Shoucheng Zhang, Standford University professor and Founding Chairman of Danhua Capital, and academics from China Academy of Sciences and the US National Academy of Sciences, delivered a keynote speech titled “Quantum Computing, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain.” He believed that the most valuable data come from the combination of AI and blockchain. Zhang Shoucheng also stated that although AI has undergone rapid changes, it is still in a very early stage and the future is still very promising.

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Zhang believed that AI at current stage was still simply mimicking human neurons, but it is more important to explore the opportunity for major breakthroughs in fundamental science, such as understanding the basic principles and mathematical principles of intelligence, which could lead to more profound changes on AI.

Blockchain can generate a decentralized data market.

In the end, Zhang Shoucheng talked about blockchain, the most heated topic at the moment. He said that the most important thing for artificial intelligence was data, which was controlled by centralized monopolies and it cannot help the machine to learn rationally.
“Everyone in the world today will generate a lot of data, like data from genetics, medical care, education and behavior. But these data are held in hands of centralized entities and not truly decentralized.”

Zhang Shoucheng said that blockchain could generate a data market. The ideal world in his mind is where each person owns all his own data. As this is equal to decentralized storage, hackers will find themselves useless. Personal data is encrypted and stored on blockchain, thus achieving privacy protection and computing output.

“With blockchain, the emergence of a data market can make society more fair.” Zhang Shoucheng mentioned that the greatest injustice in the society today is that people tend to discriminate against the minority. But what is needed most in the process of machine learning is the data owned by the minority. If accuracy of today’s machine learning reaches 90%, it needs different data rather than the data that has learned to achieve 99%. It is often the minority-owned data that are most valuable for machine learning. Combining these wonderful algorithms, you can turn an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan, because the ugly duckling is only different from others. In this world, it is most valuable to achieve the integration of AI and blockchain.


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