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ShenMa (Whatsminer) Release 33TH/S Bitcoin Miner M10 with 16nm Chips at 2145W

The China-based mining machine manufacturer Whatsminer (“ShenMa Miner” in Chinese) on August 12 released its latest ASIC mining model – bitcoin miner M10 with 33 TH (trillion hashes) per second at power consumption of 65W/T.

Whatsminer, or Shenma, was founded in Shenzhen by Yang Zuoxing, who was formerly design chief with Bitmain and allegedly the designer of Antminer S9. The company made its name after its Whatsminer M3 became a hit in the crypto mining market in late 2017.

Compared to the competent rivals in the market, like GMO B3 (33 TH/S) and Bitmain’s Antminer S9i (14.5 TH/S), M10 outperforms them with better specs both in hashrate and power efficiency.

Equipped with 315 units of 16nm ASIC mining chips, M10 runs at a stable 30TH/s drawing 2042W at the wall, as its test results show. 68W/TH means its 16nm chips are on par with 7nm chips, given that AvalonMiner A9, equipped with world’s first 7nm bitcoin mining chip, performs at 60-70W/TH.



M10 is now in presale stage, orders will be shipped on September 20, 2018 and November 20, 2018. The sales price for the first batch is US$1,888 per unit, and the second batch at US$1,588.

Apart from the big three – Bitmain, Canaan and Ebang, more competitive market players like Innosilicon and Shenma are rising for their share now. The competition is becoming cutthroat.


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