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Shanxi Government Procurement Network Announces Public Chain Project Worth 50M Yuan (7 million USD)

The “blockchainification” of China has been underway for the better part of the last two years, but it wasn’t until 2020 that massive, province-wide efforts began taking place. All around the vast, almost two billion-strong country, public companies have been competing to win government-sponsored projects that are set to usher the country into the next era of technology.

These blockchain projects, while focusing on a wide variety of industries, have a single goal in mind—put the massive bureaucracy that underlies China onto a blockchain. During the latest “two sessions” meetings within the Chinese National Assembly, the topic of blockchain was one of the most discussed ones, with some government officials saying that development needed to pick up the pace. 

According to the latest reports from local news sources, a huge blockchain initiative is currently underway in the Shanxi Province, located in the northwest and part of China’s larger North Region. Xinji (Shanxi) Zhijiu Chain Technologies, a limited liability company registered in Guangzhou, has been tasked with providing the infrastructure for the Shanxi Public Chain which will be based on Blockchain technology.

The Shanxi Government Procurement Network of China announced that the Shanxi Blockchain Public Chain Infrastructure Construction Project,” a public blockchain project with a budget of 50 million yuan, or around $7 million, was awarded to Chain Technologies.

According to the government’s official announcement, the goal of the massive project is to create and deploy blockchain infrastructure that would cover entire cities. All of the basic services provided by the local government—including bureaucracy, energy, health services, agricultural programs, poverty alleviation initiatives, tax collection, financing—would be based on that blockchain infrastructure. 

The company that will be tasked with building and deploying that infrastructure, Xinji Technology Co., defines itself as a “cross-scientific” research and development company. The company is closely connected to the “Xinji Research Institute,” formed by Tsinghua University member and professor Dai Weiguo. The company has been heavily involved in researching and developing blockchain-based cloud solutions, privacy computing, internet-of-things (IoT) systems, artificial intelligence, big data, and security systems. 

Local sources show that both Dai Weiguo and Xinji Technologies have already collaborated with the municipal government of the Shanxi region. 

Worth 50.34 million yuan, the project is set to begin in June 2020, but no further information about how long it would last was mentioned in reports. The project will consist of eight different phases: building the basis of the blockchain infrastructure, creating a “visual” blockchain management platform, establishing a unified identity tracking system on the chain, creating and sharing a data directory, creating a data certification chain, an integral “basic services” chain, a high-tech government blockchain pilot project, as well an operation and maintenance management center. 

The entire project, according to the report, will consist of 75 blockchain nodes, 7 pieces of application software, as well as one operation and maintenance management center. 

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