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SF Technology implement blockchain-based pharmaceutical traceability platform

According to People’s Daily, SF Technology recently released the “Shunfeng Pharmaceutical Supply Chain ‘Program+’” and “SF Hospital ‘Program+’ Solutions”. The program includes 13 customized solutions for hospital post standards, system self-service ordering, customized drug packaging, and 9 medical solutions including SF Healthcare traceability platform, temperature control packaging and full temperature visibility. Thus the pharmaceutical traceability platform has been implemented with blockchain technology. Founded in 1993, SF Express is the largest logistics company in China. SF is also seeking raising efficiency with technology. The medical supply chain solution is part of the company’s IT strategy.

The traceability of medicine is to provide data support by recording the circulation process of each box of medicines using blockchain technology. Specifically, pharmaceutical-related enterprises use the blockchain as an interface to directly upload all the data in the process of drug production and circulation. Meanwhile they establish their own accounting nodes, and cooperate with upstream and downstream enterprises to integrate data and establish nodes to ensure data is shared, secure, transparent, verifiable and decentralized.

Why does SF use blockchain technology to increase the weighting on pharmaceutical logistics?

According to the 2017 China Pharmaceutical Logistics Development Report, China’s pharmaceutical logistics totaled 3.02 trillion yuan in 2017, a year-on-year increase of 11.3%. It is estimated that by 2020, the total domestic pharmaceutical logistics will reach 3.8 trillion yuan. From the industrial perspective, the medical logistics market still has good prospects.

At the same time, the “separate hospital from medicine” and other policies have led to the transformation of the pharmaceutical circulation model. The pharmaceutical industry is more stringent in terms of quality and resources.

Under the dual demand from policy and market, the focus has been shifted to safety in the pharmaceutical field, drug quality and transportation processes. The advantage of the blockchain is that it provides technical support for effective data monitoring of the pharmaceutical traceability system, which can improve overall supply chain operation efficiency and lower costs.

At the same time, SF has a strong supply chain integration capability and a nationwide pharmaceutical warehouse distribution network, so it has advantages in pharmaceutical logistics.At present, in the field of medicine, many companies have applied blockchain technology to the medical traceability business.

In June 2017, the blockchain-based drug traceability service platform “Ziyun Yao Anbao Drug Traceability Cloud Service Platform” was launched.

In July 2017, at the China Medicine Industry Innovation and Development Summit Forum, the Association of Chinese Medicine announced the establishment of a traditional Chinese medicine traceability professional committee.

In August 2017, “Ali Health” teamed up with more than ten pharmaceutical companies including Tianshili, Zhengda Tianqing, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group and Kelun Pharmaceutical to establish the China Drug Safety Traceability Alliance to promote the drug industry to form a co-governing drug safety traceability.


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