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Scry Founder Fu Anwen 2018 Will See Blockchain Booming

As the first blockchain startup of Fu Anwen, Xcener has closed 10 million USD A round funding in 2017. SCRY is the latest endeavor of the young entrepreneur on integrating blockchain with daily life. SCRY attended the 2017 China International Big Data Mining Competition, which has become the biggest international competition in the  “National Data Innovation Industry” led by NDRC. Singapore-based Scry is the world’s first blockchain-based quantitative data providing and exchange platform.
Fu Anwen has been engaged in blockchain development since 2014. Xcener Blockchain brings the technology to many farms. They found that smart contract was the essential part in building a cost-effective supply chain. Putting data into smart contract could boost sales and significantly lower cost.


Xcener Blockchain concluded a 30 million USD deal by selling kiwifruit to Germany in Q2 2015. The second case is selling sweet potato to France. Although both deals has generated profit for the farmer and the Company, Fu was told that the technology could be more productive if it is open-source. SCRY is such open-source platform that breaks the traditional company structure.

According to Fu Anwen, the value of SCRY is best presented in 3 ways:

First of all, the problem with blockchain is that on-chain information does not match off-chain information. One does not know the source of a blockchain node. No one is responsible for the integrity of data source. Scryinfo helps developers and data builders of the world to get a stable, signed source of data that connects blockchain information with real-world information.

Second, this open source protocol can help developers reduce costs. Fu Anwen said that it usually takes 12 to 18 months for the traditional Internet companies to develop applications on blockchain, which does not include the time for trial and error. And based on Scryinfo, organizations can build their own lightweight blockchain Dapp application in 1-2 months.

Finally, Scryinfo can help companies that have data to cash out. Scryinfo’s ambition is to create a blockchain credit society in which people’s behavior, transaction data, dynamic variables all become data that can all be quantified and traded.


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