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Scala Review 2021: Keep Your Personal Information Secure

Investing in any type of digital currency involves some risk, however, there are some firms that have managed to mitigate the risk, providing a better experience for their investors. One of those is Scala, which is a type of privacy coin that has managed to achieve 51% attack resistance. This doesn’t make it entirely perfect for everyone, but it definitely does change the way that some people look at crypto and the security measures for many of the people who are currently involved in the process of buying, selling and trading with this or other forms of currency.

What is Scala?

Scala is a privacy coin that gives you a range of additional options over and above what you may have from similar coins. We’ll talk a little more about what privacy coins are as well as some of the specific features like mobile mining and light delayed proof-of-work in a moment, but first, let’s focus on just what Scala itself will provide and what you can expect if you decide to get involved with this particular currency. We’ll look at some of the ways that it can benefit users who are looking to get started with the cryptocurrency market.

The main aspect of Scala is that it’s all about scaling. The project has been built in such a way as to facilitate the global adoption of privacy features and digital currency by as many people as possible. As a result, there is the option of zero confirmation private transactions. If you don’t want to put in your personal information you don’t need to with Scala. This helps to ensure your overall privacy and security and lets you keep your personal information where it should be. In this way, you will have better anonymity, which is one of the main aspects and reasons to engage with cryptocurrency.

CryptoNote is one part of this as the protocol provides for not only anonymous transactions but blockchain-analysis resistance as well. Transactions end up entirely untraceable and unlinkable, without the potential for hacking and other security violations in the process. This is an important balance that Scala is able to maintain, contrary to many other systems. You can count on your money being secure and safe in the Vault (which we’ll discuss in a moment) without having to sacrifice the privacy that you want when you’re moving online.

Scala Vault

When you’re engaged with cryptocurrency you need to make sure that you have a way to store your currency and Scala provides that as well with their vault. The vault is designed to work with Android devices and provides you with safe storage and options for your coins. It sends and receives cryptocurrency and does not require you to know anything about the technical aspects that go into the process.

You can connect to remote nodes automatically, maintain multiple wallet and subaddresses and even use the built-in currency converter so you can transfer your currency to whatever you need. It also offers multi-language support so it’s designed for any users to get what they need out of it. You can even conduct micro-transactions through the system including connecting to point-of-sale systems and getting one-link integration.

This wallet is designed to keep storage as protected as possible, which is crucial when you’re going to keep anything in a more active storage location. You want to make sure that you have currency in cold storage so that it’s not easily accessible by those who might try to hack it. This is separate from traditional 51% attacks but is still extremely important.