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Are Chinese buying ETC because of 8BTC article

Dec 30, 2016

Red Li

An article about ETC by Xu Zijing, AKA Ryan_XxOo, was released on 8btc this Wednesday when the ETC was around 0.0011btc. The article: Will ETC take the next lead, has over 2,500 views at press time. Two days later ETC soars to around 0.0017btc, a 50% gain. It's easy to link...

The Economic Principle of Blockchain Application

Dec 5, 2016


The blockchain technology is widely believed to have a profound impact on human society, because of its openness, immutability and other characteristics. In this article, the basic concepts of trade, trust and other further defined in order to explain the application of the blockchain of econom...

Blockchain VC Says No to Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)

Nov 17, 2016

Richard G. Kastelein

Blockchain investor Travis Scher of Digital Currency Group has posted a querulous smack-down of Initial Coin Offering (ICOs) going on in the cryptocurrency world that support, for a large part, Blockchain startups. And this piece is a counterweight, a rebuttal – a retort of sorts. ...

Chinese Investors Turn to Bitcoin Amid Yuan Depreciation

Nov 8, 2016


The continuous devaluation of the Yuan has increased demand for bitcoin and new asset classes in China. Today, the country counts some 2 million bitcoin users; among them, 80 percent are speculating for short-term profit and about 14 percent are holding long-term, recognizing the value of the di...

Ethereum vs Ethereum: Which Is the Ship of Theseus?

Sep 27, 2016

Chang Jia

Imagine this scenario: Tom owes you money. Years later, Tom clones himself and claims the clone to be the real Tom, trying to write off all his debt to you. Tom the clone looks just like the original Tom, except for the memory. He doesn’t know you at all, let alone the debt. This would be ...