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5 Best NFT Wallets 2021

Jul 13, 2021


  A lot has been said and written about the rise of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and how they’re set to revolutionise the market for collectors and artists. However, an NFT app or wallet is a compulsory tool that one needs to participate in this fast-growing niche. There are s...

View MOV SuperTx From Perspective of Harvest+Curve

Oct 26, 2020

Vincent He

After news broke of this incident, rates of corresponding stablecoins fluctuated as’s rate balance was broken by a flash loan attack. As you would expect, some aggregators, especially stablecoin yield farms, are linked to curve.  Therefore, these events may result in an instant rat...

Is Libra a Paper Tiger?

Aug 8, 2019

Benjamin Gu

Of course, Libra is not a paper tiger. Otherwise it won’t cause the immediate concern of global financial regulatory bodies and central banks, as well as the hearings by United States congress. But, this project indeed has inherent risks which make it very vulnerable. There is a good chance ...

How to Build a Stablecoin to Compete with Libra

Aug 7, 2019

Benjamin Gu

In my Libra project analysis report (A Business Analysis of the Libra Project), I pointed out that there is still a very good opportunity to develop a new stablecoin that competes with Libra. The Libra project is definitely not the end of the stablecoin project, but a milestone in thi...

Worldview of Bystack (II): The Island Effect in Blockchain

Jun 18, 2019

lylian Teng

This article is translated from “Bystack世界观(二):区块链岛屿法则” written by Chang Jia, founder of Bytom, a Chinese star blockchain project aiming to connect the atomic world and the crypto world. In fact, every technological revolution will eventually take the form of changin...

Worldview of Bystack (I): The Three Dimensions of Asset

Jun 1, 2019

lylian Teng

This article is translated from “Bystack世界观(一):资产的三个维度” written by Chang Jia, founder of Bytom, a Chinese star blockchain project aiming to connect the atomic world and the crypto world. Xiao Feng (CEO of Wanxiang Blockchain) defines assets by three states: Sol...

Bitcoin Market Rejects China’s Mining Ban Fear

Apr 11, 2019

Olusegun Ogundeji

Recent news that China is planning to eliminate the crypto mining industry from within its borders has not really swayed Bitcoin market sentiment. Chart flows from Coinmarketcap and TradingView show the top cryptocurrency has maintained a firm grip on its over $5,000 price and, going by ...

Top 20 Richest Celebrity Supporters of Cryptocurrency

Jul 18, 2018


Infographic made by Tom Alford Whilst cryptocurrency might not be everyone’s cup of tea (some economists and traditional investors labelling it a ponzi scheme), there can be no doubt that it’s here to stay, and some phenomenally famous names have become deeply involved in this booming indus...