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RCO Release Testnet For Public Beta

RCO officially entered the public beta stage: Bitcoin mining is no longer profitable, RCO will allow you to get more high-quality mining harvest.

In the currency circle, Bitcoin is the vane of the industry, and everybody knows it. The total number of Bitcoin is 21 million, and its scarcity has also become one of the reasons why prices have achieved myth-level growth. As a rising RCO, the total amount of token is only 10 million more rare and valuable. Bitcoin mining is no longer profitable, RCO will allow you to get more high-quality mining harvest.
As a star currency with dazzling brilliance, RCO’s latest R&D progress has attracted great attention from the blockchain industry. According to the latest announcement released by Rcoin’s official website, the RCO has officially entered the public beta stage of the test network.



RCO is an electronic cash system dedicated to remote payment scenarios. The fundamental technology of Rcoin features 6 revolutionary innovations including 8M block, lightning network, signature algorithm, mining algorithm, attack resistance of quantum computer, optional anonymity. The current basic research and the closed test network has been completed.Once the testing phase is publicized through the test network, digital currency that is truly on the ground and more practical for payment will be born.
From the testing process to understand the mechanism of mining, RCO better stress, everyone can participate in the RCO. At the same time, the mining process of RCO anti ASCI mining technology, to avoid the stress concentration in the hands of a few people, enhanced the RCO blockchain network anti attack capability. In the RCO mining you will get more high-quality mining experience and harvest.
RCO is a blockchain that is born for payment. We believe that technology will change the future, making it easier to pay, and expect the future of RCO to shine on every place that needs to be paid.

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