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Qtum Patrick Dai: One Top-notch Engineer Worth More Than 300 Ordinary Engineers.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology continue to disrupt the global marketplace, as a result of the proliferation of this new tech, the market is witnessing a fight for talent to fill leadership roles.

Patrick Dai, the founder of Qtum, has paid tribute to Rusty Russell and shared 10 thoughts in his WeChat moments, demonstrated his points of view of top talent and the future of blockchian industry.201805180610129576

Rusty Russell, a Blockstream developer and a former Linux kernel developer, and he is currently in charge of the networking protocols development of Lightning Network. Russell use to be a main contributor to Linux and he has more than 20 years working experience in maintaining the kernel firewall and network filtering subsystem. He left Linux and embrace blockchain because his can see the value of this new area.

Russell’s story evokes Patrick’s thinking on outstanding developers and the future of blockchain industry. He listed 10 points in his Wechat Moments:

1. The power law distribution is increasing in the field of science and technology, one top-notch engineer worth more than 300 ordinary engineers.

2. Every enterprise is a small society and the top priority for them is to develop new production factors (e.g. AI, blockchain), after that, they may focus in marketing discovery, team optimization and finally start the price war.

3. Only productive investment can be called “capital”, otherwise it is only “money”.

4. 3 ways of capital financing in the future: stock rights (right of use), creditor’s rights (right of dividend) and Token (right of donation).

5. Monetization is essentially a process of commodity value quantification, people paying too much attention to the quantity, however, the part which cannot be quantized by currency is the essence of life.

6. The essence of poverty: lack of access to capital and lack of access to knowledge.

7. Providing capital with new production factors is more important than money in charity.

8. In the process of being dominated by authority, people will give up on their egos and seek sense of belonging.

9. Both love and disdain can get rid of loneliness, either in a morality or immorality way.

10. When people are willing to put in time and effort to a relationship, the incentives obtained is exponentially increasing, like the compound interest of love, the greatest miracle on earth.



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