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Project Rundown Interview with the Bancambios project

Hey guys! Happy to connect with you today and learn more about the Bancambios project! Can you tell us more about the founding of the project and what problem you’re addressing?

Hey everyone! It’s such a huge pleasure to be with you today to discuss our project. Yes, we’re launching the first product of Bancambios Financial Technologies, which is the Bancambios Exchange.

Our go-to market strategy is aiming to convince older generations who relate to the word “Bank” (as a safe place to store their money) to join the financial renaissance as we call it. By educating them about the immense benefits of crypto, we’ll onboard them on the platform and they’ll enjoy better interest rates by converting their fiat money into stablecoins. We’re also preparing new asset reallocation strategies so retail, small and large enterprises to corporate money market managers can have access to the new asset class.

We’re fundraising our project through the token sale of our exchange token Bancambios XA with ticker “BX” via private sale, pre-sale, IEO and IDO. The BX token won’t only be an exchange token, but it would also serve as the native token of Banfi Network, the DeFi ecosystem we’re building on the Ethereum blockchain. Besides the above function, the BX token would also be used for DEX trades, Liquidity Pools, LP Tokens and other DeFi innovations on the network.

Thanks to this strong tokenomics model, the token will maintain a healthy value over time, as the platform builds up transaction volume off-chain and on-chain. This would help attract both people entering the crypto space via centralized exchanges and the Decentralized Finance wallet users.

Why do you think education is so important in the crypto space, and what are your plans in this regard?

Indeed, education plays a big role in crypto adoption. As such, we’re launching Bancambios Academy to inform, guide and educate users on various important points they need to know.

We’ll teach them basic things like how to copy and paste securely, how to safeguard their crypto holdings and how to safely use the exchange. Webinars on blockchain technology, stablecoins, buying crypto, staking, crypto trading, and blockchain development are also in the works. We’ll also provide them with resources on how to become a trader, and what software and platforms to get accurate information from.

Finally, the Bancambios Academy will house a knowledge base where users can get specific information about each project and blockchain network, the different trading pools on the platform, as well as guides like how to safely store their private keys, how to use a DEX, how to mint NFTs, what is an STO, and much more.

“Knowledge is power,” as they say, so we want to empower our users to become blockchain citizens by arming them with the right kind of knowledge.

How do you think the pandemic impacted the world?

The pandemic was a difficult time for humanity. The fact that the governments, corporations, universities, global health associations were caught unawares is a shame. As we’ve seen, internet (and mobile phone) usage went up substantially, as people turned to the internet. However, people now spend time and attention on things that don’t sufficiently educate them or provide them with the opportunity to venture into new financial products like DeFi or cryptocurrencies.

A lot of people lost their jobs during this pandemic, but it’s a fact that the blockchain space did really well during this period. Some people made hundreds of thousands or even millions, multiplying their crypto holdings by five to 20 times. In other cases, users from decentralized platforms were eligible for surprising airdrops like UNI, 1Inch, PAINT, Badger. Those tokens have exploded from the time of the airdrop to now, and they’re now worth more than $20,000 combined, no other place or industry would be offering this life-changing opportunity, which is why we’re dedicating the rest of our lives to serve and grow this space. Now that we have more people connected to the internet, it’s very important to educate them on the benefits of crypto and bring them onboard the decentralized ‘train’.

What are your plans for security tokens trading or issuance?

First of all, we’d like to mention that we place a strong emphasis on building an eco-friendly business model; we believe green technologies are here to stay. A lot of investors are playing Investment Banking 2.0 or Capital Markets 2.0 supporting companies that aren’t good for the environment — that would not be our case. There are several eco-friendly industrial initiatives that are profitable, with huge potential, and this is the time to support them.

Also, STOs are usually for accredited investors, leaving behind the average person, we want to make co-ownership of prominent assets available to everyone. Nowadays, with the mass adoption of the Sharing Economy, people know about Crowdfunding and Community-Owned income producing properties, enterprises and assets.

To that end, we’re working to simplify the entry of everyone into these new financial opportunities.