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GPU-Pandaminer B1 soldout among Price Surge of XMR and DASH

Mar 14, 2017

chris zhou

Since our report on PandaMiner B1 at the end of last year, the products have been sought-after globally. This article contains a detailed user instruction of PandaMiner B1 and the company's future plan to launch new version of PandaMiner. PandaMiner B1 Plus – the world’s first GP...

How Qtum Makes Ethereum Contracts Run on the UTXO Model

Jan 16, 2017

Jordan Earls

Qtum is taking Bitcoin Core 0.13, integrating the Ethereum Virtual Machine, and adding an “Account Abstraction Layer” so that existing Etheruem contracts will work on Qtum with minimal changes. The exact way we are integrating the EVM is by adding new Bitcoin Script opcodes, and a...