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The History of BRAVO Pay

Jul 25, 2018

BRAVO was created in 2014 by Maria Luna (MBA) and Dr. Hector Rodriguez when they found themselves in a situation where they needed to pay someone but had no cash on them. “We were hiking in Southern Utah and had no cash to tip our hiking guide; we then realized there should be a ...

Pink Taxi. First blockchain based women taxi only

Jul 16, 2018


Pink Taxi Description Pink Taxi is a transportation service company in which its cars are driven by women for women, being geared towards curbing sexual harassment faced by solo female travelers. The cab service not only offers safe transportation services to female passengers, but it al...

8BTC Live Show: Focusing On China Blockchain Industry

Apr 19, 2018


8BTC Live Show is a blockchain live streaming talk show designed for industrial leaders, entrepreneurs in blockchain industry. We aim to achieve zero-distance communication between project parties/entrepreneurs and communities in an interesting and delightful way. 8BTC Live Show is...