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President of the Dogecoin Chinese Association Believes That Dogecoin Has Its Unique Culture and Cannot Be Replaced


Note: Author of this article is Jiang En, president of the Dogecoin Chinese Association.

We all want Dogecoin to be a success, but are you willing to donate your time and effort to promote the usage of Dogecoin?

I always notice three common traits that makes someone extraordinary. They set a clear goal, they act without hesitation, they put time and effort.
Likewise, a successful coin must have its own unique features.

  • Firstly, it needs a clear goal. The Dogecoin community focuses on tipping culture and charity and wishes to improve the well-being of human life.
  • Secondly, we must act! Each and every Dogecoin fan should work to combine his or her own line of business with Dogecoin and promote its usage in everyday life.
  • Thirdly, promote with a plan. At present, there is no “legal” room for the cryptocurrency industry and the general public tend not to accept something that is not legally recognized. I attended a conference this June in Shanghai and found it hard to believe that only about 1% of the attendees have heard of crypto. Sadly, for those who know something about tokens, all they know is that the country has banned tokens and they are absolute no-nos.

Many crypto holders alienate themselves from the rest of the community in the belief that one coin is far superior than another. But they fail to realize that there are only several million people hold crypto in the world. The number of industrial players of any business could surpass that number. And among these holders, how many of them are dedicated to promoting the usages of cryptocurrency? I’d say most of them are just speculators and blind followers. They wish price go high when they hold a coin and curse a coin when price go down.

The cryptocurrency is a big family. If you don’t like the community, you are welcomed to leave. The ecosystem is still in its infant stage. It could THRIVE or CRASH. If you only care about money, then don’t blame others when you lose. Some people are really sick. They spread good news when hold Dogecoin in hopes of price going up. But when they lose money, they spread all rumors and negative news to short Dogecoin.

I hope everyone can realize that Dogecoin has its own culture and it cannot be replaced. I will push myself harder to talk Dogecoin to people outside the community and reach out to the world. I know that I will meet people who have doubts, who hold different opinions. But none of them are unconquerable. We cannot use money to bribe strangers or beg them to use Dogecoin. We could only use our charisma and passion to let them believe we are doing something big here. And there will always be a small part of people choose to believe us and recognize our effort to change the world for better.

If you sincerely love the community like I do, please donate your time and effort to join us.


  • 8BTCnews
    5 years ago 8BTCnews

    #Dogecoin President of Dogecoin Chinese Association Believes Dogecoin Has Its Unique Culture and Can’t Be Replaced | …

  • mike13dash
    5 years ago mike13dash

    much wow!

  • CobaltMK1
    5 years ago CobaltMK1

    This guy is very knowledgeable; he knows how to bring people into the cryptocurrency community.

  • tomcarbon
    5 years ago tomcarbon

    very build!

  • sabbir2world
    5 years ago sabbir2world

    indeed, this unique coin can’t be replaced!

  • virgojeep
    5 years ago virgojeep

    It would be nice to get some Angel investor funding for development since they do most of the development in their free time and don’t get paid for it.

  • howajambe
    5 years ago howajambe

    Yeah and that culture is dying by the day. Look at this sub today compared to a year ago and it’s crystal clear.

  • iam1s
    5 years ago iam1s

    such agree!

  • bpnoy3
    5 years ago bpnoy3

    The dogo is here to stay

  • DogeRain App
    5 years ago DogeRain App

    the doge is strong with this one :D …

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