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Pony Ma: Blockchain Integrated In Wechat Smart Hospital 3.0

13 April, Pony Ma, CEO of Tencent, said that blockchain technology would be adopted on the Smart Hospital 3.0 on the 2018 China “Internet +” digital economic summit held in Chongqing. The first pilot project has been launched in Liuzhou Guangxi with local hospital to prevent digital prescription from being modified. The internet giant also announced the Tencent Blockchain+ supply chain financial solutions.


What’s the pilot program? Pony Ma said:

“In addition to wechat booking and payment, Tencent work with Guangxi Liuzhou to realize “circulation of prescription out of hospital”. Patients get their prescriptions in the hospitals but they can purchase drugs outside the hospital, and even have drugs delivered to their homes. The process has many parties involved like the planning committee, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, etc. We use the blockchain technology to make sure that prescriptions are not tampered with, and we are also considering promoting the application of this technology.”

According to He Xi, the Tencent Smart Hospital 3.0 is based on consortium blockchain. All stakeholders are included in the blockchain, information regarding the patient are recorded real-time on the blockchain.
Private information of patients is often traded for profits and victims might suffered heavy loss.

In 2016, thousands of women in Shenzhen who have undertaken childbirth care received harassing calls and text messages from sellers of baby products. Allegedly, the victim’s information was sold by hackers. In July 2016, more than 330 people who were infected with HIV all over the country said they had received fraudulent phone calls. The fraudster claimed to be a government official and informed the patient to collect government bonus with a processing fee. Because fraudsters have mastered accurate information about the patient’s recent visits to hospitals, ID number and even specific drugs, many of HIV patients were deceived.
Such is the current situation of medical information in China.
The Wechat Smart Hospital 3.0 features security and connection. With the consortium blockchain, regulators, hospitals, and pharmacies now share private data that is secured and tamper-proof. In terms of connection, through the integration of regulators, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, insurance and other resources, service like online enquiry, prescription circulation and insurance claim settlement could be provided. Take prescription circulation as an example, hospital, pharmacy and patients are connected through Tencent payment, AI face recognition and blockchain. The circulation of e-prescriptions enable user to choose pharmacies and home delivery etc.
In April 2017, Tencent released the official blockchain-based platform: trustsql. TrustSQL is designed to work with partners to promote the development of trusted Internet and to create a win-win blockchain ecosystem.


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