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PlatON Announces Partnership with HashKey Group to Offer Key Management Service

Hong Kong, January 28, 2019 – PlatON, a pioneering global trustless computing network, has signed a strategic partnership with HashQuark, a subsidiary of HashKey Group, providing key management service “KeyShard” based on a specific area of secure multiparty computation (MPC) called threshold signature. This marks a substantial solution to private key custody for the mining pool to safeguard digital assets with top security without sacrificing usability.

With the deployment of “KeyShard” provided by PlatON, HashQuark is able to safeguard the mining coin at the original mining platform, further optimize the mining system and improve the safety experience during mining and transactions.

Dedicated to the research in MPC for almost three years, PlatON now takes the lead in security, scalability and stability as a cryptographic-based computing network. Besides the key management for the mining pool, PlatON’s MPC technology can also empower other industries.

In the healthcare sector, medical data value can be maximized by hospitals, data service providers and individuals. For AI and IoT, the technology could be smarter with a larger database. Credit reporting and advertising industry will also be disrupted with the use of MPC.

After the first partnership in key management, PlatON and HashQuark will seek further collaborations in the mining of multiple tokens and private computing, paving the way for a new blockchain ecosystem. PlatON will also be partnering with HashKey Group and its ecosystem partners to build secure solutions for enterprises.


PlatON was founded by a team of experts in both blockchain and cryptography, is determined to solve the two major problems facing today’s blockchain technology – Privacy and Scalability. PlatON technology is designed to be the next generation trustless computing network with off-chain privacy-preserving algorithms to enable secure multiparty collaboration.

HashKey Group

HashKey Group (HashKey Digital Asset Group Limited) is a leading Fintech group established in Hong Kong in 2018. Set up by a group of Fintech veterans, it is focused on the development of the blockchain and digital asset industry with a commitment to build a global ecosystem in this field.


HashQuark is committed to creating a safe, efficient, stable and convenient blockchain mining pool.

We select public blockchains of POS, DPOS and other consensus mechanisms, providing 7*24 hours protection and maximizing mining efficiency with our professional teams. Safety and efficiency are our ultimate pursuits, and HashQuark is committed to being the benchmark for blockchain mines of new generations.

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