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Payment Processor Rejects Roger Ver’s $1.25m Listing Offer

Bitcoin Cash’s Roger Ver has deemed a response by a payment processor startup which reportedly rejected a $1.25 mln he offered to get his cryptocurrency on their platform as tribalistic. OpenNode claims Ver’s offer is against their belief that “a better, more open financial system is only possible with Bitcoin” but he contests that the startup’s claim is “not thoughtfulness.”

The episode has led to Ver being called out for his need to directly incentivize people or platforms to build applications on its cryptocurrency. He offered to match the investment of venture capitalist and Bitcoin supporter, Tim Draper, who recently invested $1.25 mln in OpenNode. In the video, Ver asked for no equity but wants the startup to build on BCash which he claims has the ability to become a global money in decades rather than in a century plus. But the startup openly rejected Ver’s gesture.

OpenNode is a payment processor like Bitpay though much smaller. The news of their rejection has since created a lot of discussions and triggered, at least, two other payment processors to openly solicit for Ver’s support.

First is Blockonomics, a block explorer that processes payment in Bitcoin currently for 5000+ merchants on various e-commerce platforms. Its CEO wrote on Reddit: “While, we can add BCH to Blockonomics without any funding help, due to our limited resources and low revenues due to decreased payment volumes, it would take lots of time. We would appreciate any the financial help we can get! You can contact us here.”

AtomicPay also sought Ver’s support despite it has BCash integrated into its platform right from the start. The sought support is meant to work on its R&D roadmap which include AtomicSwap, cold wallet developments and hardware wallet device.

While OpenNode maintains it is a 100% Bitcoin company and would not consider other altcoins on its platform, others say their approach deprive merchants of choices as no one can force their customers to make payments with a particular coin.

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