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Hot search keywords’s token ($PAXW) is being listed on MEXC

Following their successful IDO on Catapult that sold out within 10 minutes, metaverse is excited to announce they are listing their token, $PAXW, on MEXC. The $PAXW token is a native cryptocurrency built on the blockchain technology of Polygon, as part of its Green Manifesto. The exchange has set aside $20 million for various community initiatives to utilise Web3 technology to build a sustainable future for all which includes focusing on new solutions for on-chain carbon credit retirement.

hDuRCw1Bf6CxQbY82 is currently running its pre-listing airdrop until 1st November 2022, with distributions to take place within one week of the token listing. During this period, the team will distribute $10,000 worth of $PAXW.

The $PAXW token derives many kinds of utility from its relationship with the metaverse platform. Users are rewarded for their contributions, interactions and commitment to the platform in myriad ways, including completing in-world achievements, the creation of engaging content or bringing other active users to share in the experience.

Holding $PAXW tokens also allows users to participate in the platform’s governance, including votes and consultations to determine the general direction of, allocate content rewards, and rule on the deployment of DAO-owned resources.

Staking $PAXW allows community members to support the project and receive exclusive rewards, as well as enhancing their experience by boosting the level of rewards they earn from their achievements and content.

The token and its complex interplay with individual and community objectives and the infrastructure of the platform empowers users to “SHAPE” the world around them, through STAKING, HOLDING, ACHIEVEMENTS, PURCHASES, and ENGAGEMENT.

$PAXW will help to support in-world social and commercial activities, such as virtual business offices, educational establishments, art galleries, gaming platforms, and arenas. These activities are expected to expand as the metaverse takes root in mainstream culture. Complementary economic activity such as advertising in virtual spaces and concerts will be revolutionary both in terms of the utility to businesses and the power and agency afforded to users to choose and own their own experience.

$PAXW will also be used to pay for land purchases, in-world services, enhancements and as part of a vibrant metaverse marketplace for real and virtual goods and services. Although other cryptocurrencies, such as BTC, ETH and REEF, can be accepted in the blockchain-based platform, the underlying transaction will remain in $PAXW.’s most prominent metaverse feature, and the future DAO’s most significant source of treasury, is its land, consisting of around 28K tiles of virtual real estate. Roughly a third of these are available for purchase. Ownership of a land tile is underwritten by an NFT. Land ownership has multi-dimensional utility, providing an outlet for architectural creativity, the hosting of engaging artistic and brand-oriented experiences, or as a jumping-off point for innovation both on- and off-world.

Landowners can access the creation of one or more metanovas or metanovae, which are both standalone virtual environments and offshoots of built on the same technological innovation. With the infinite possibilities afforded by the combination of – a community hub made up of serene spaces and futuristic metropoles – and the minute customizability of the metanova, every user can envisage the creation of a unique community, economy, and world.

Landowners are also in prime position to earn rewards in $PAXW for engaging content, voted on by the community and boosted through staking.

About is an open multi-purpose metaverse, aiming to provide the widest possible user experience, maximizing opportunities to learn, socialize, play, discover and earn, and connecting communities around the world. allows users and brands to host and attend educational learning classes, business headquarters, live shows, concerts, team building events, private functions, gallery exhibitions and so much more. At the AIBC Summit in Dubai, it was named the best metaverse ahead of more established projects like Decentraland and the Sandbox.

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