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GPU-Pandaminer B1 soldout among Price Surge of XMR and DASH

Since our report on PandaMiner B1 at the end of last year, the products have been sought-after globally. This article contains a detailed user instruction of PandaMiner B1 and the company’s future plan to launch new version of PandaMiner.

PandaMiner B1 Plus – the world’s first GPU integrated miner was released only a few months ago and has since been in the spotlight of GPU-based mining industry. It is compatible with multiple cryptocurrencies like XMR, ZEC, ETC, ETH. The first patch of more than 800 machines has been sold out in just 3 months. The operation director of PandaMiner Zoey has said to 8btc:

“Though the majority of clients are from China, we do see an extensive reach of our products to the world. Among all the orders, we have seen clients from the UK, the U.S., Austria, Belgium, Malysia, Canada,Germany, Swiss, Singapore and Japan. We are convinced that our products will greatly help the mining industry of altcoins.”

It is also worth noting that the fast sales of PandaMiner are just among the recent  price surge of altcoins including XMR , DASH and DOGE. Zoey said the price rise of these altcoins will contribute to the sales of PandaMiners.

Manufactured by SHENZHEN HALLEY CLOUD TECHNOLOGY, which was established in 2015, PandaMiner has risen as a shining star in the mining of Bitcoin’s competing cryptocurrencies. Tailored for the mining algorithm of multiple altercoins, PandaMiner B1 Plus provides the best ROI and a great choice for merged mining. From CPU mining to graphics card-based mining, the industry has seen fast upgrading and so does PandaMiner. Compared to home-made/self-assembled GPU miners, PandaMiner has made the most of its technology advantage and innovative capability, as well as its geographical resources to minimize the cost, therefore delivering the most profitable mining investment.

PandaMiner B1 Plus is integrated by 8 pieces of AMD RX 480 graphics cards. With proprietary layout design and circuit deployment, it enables users to mine with the highest efficiency and lowest power cost. Multi-algorithm offers you more mining choices to enrich your investment portfolio and improve ROI.

Below is the detailed introduction of PandaMiner sent by the company, aiming at better helping overseas clients use the miner.

First check out the look of PandaMiner B1 Plus:
1. Exterior

Double-layer carton (size: length CM * wide CM * high CM) packaging and foam board covered to ensure 100% protection for transportation.

You can see the black miner printed with PandaMiner logo.

Five cooling fans with a diameter of 8 cm (12V0.8A) at the front of the miner


 Five thermovent fences with four cooling fans inside at the back of the miner


7 pci-e 6 pin port at the right side


HDMI port, USB port, NET port, Network Port, Indicators, Switch, Teamviewer account at the left side.


Dismountable plate, memory card and hard disk are at the bottom of the miner. Easy for repair or maintenance


Check out specifications on the top.


Now check out the internal structure. There are four graphics card, and mxm port on both sides.8

Ultra-thin metal heat sink tailored for graphics cards, with a horizontal duct, performs much better than the common aluminum heat sink.


Chips and CPU are on the other side of the motherboard.

11Physical parameters of the miner: 503.5 mm(L) x 200mm(W) x 92.5 mm(H)
Net weight: 7.7 KG



Physical parameters of the power supply:

175mm(L) x 150mm(W) x 83mm(H)
Net weight: 2 KG

2. Installation
Connect the pin port.


Connect display to HDMI port

Connect mouse and keyboard,and network

This is how the connection should be like:


3. Mining
Turn on the power supply and miner, and the LED and NET lights will be in working status.



After connections are finished, start running your miner with a Win10 system.



For the three major altercoins that we can mine(ETH, ZEC, XMR), here’s the settings in your system:

ETH mining:

All the mining program will need to be downloaded on the desktop, and just few simple steps to start mining. Right click and edit the eth.bat file on the desktop, change the wallet address and save. Then double-click the file to start mining.


This is the mining process. Themining program page will refresh in real-time, and you can see the hashrate for each card and the total hashrate.


The average hashrate stays around 230 MHS after 24 hours’ testing. There’s no obvious fluctuation in the hashrate curve.



PandaMiner can also support remote control through TeamViewer.


4Sound and Temperature

Before running the miner, the indoor noise stayed at 32 dBa, with room temperature of 24 ℃

With ETH mining at 230 MHS hashrate and a power consumption of 1300 W.


Noise: 81 dBa of from 20 cm away.


Air inlet: 23 ℃


Air outlet: 28 ℃



PandaMiner presents workmanship, user-friendly operation and extensive support.

PandaMiner applies to multiple hashing algorithms. Users can download the latest mining program from our official website. PandaMiner is open for more mining algorithms in the future too..

For the mining of more new coins in the near future, PandaMiner is a good choice in terms of cost control, profitability and stability.

Though PandaMiner B1 plus is out of stock now, PandaMiner B3 plus is on the way. Pandaminer has been ready for a new round of pre-sale.Order first and then can enjoy the fastest shipment. Zoey said.

“We will have enough stock waiting for our clients this time. If you missed your chance last time, you won’t miss again this time.”

PandaMiner B3 plus, will once again create a graphics card mining frenzy, and a booming cryptocurrencies mining market. With a big improvement from the GEN I products, PandaMiner B3 plus will present an even better and more stable mining performance.

2017 is the year of flourishment and invigoration for cryptocurrencies – the prices of almost all the altcoins have gone up over the last days, and the mining industry is also booming. Graphics card mining market will meet further expansion, and PandaMiner seems to have been fully prepared for the booming market.

Check official video for visualized instruction for Pandaminer.



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    6 years ago BitcoinAllBot

    Here is the link to the original comment thread. Or you can comment here to start a discussion. Author: 8btccom

  • AbyssNep
    6 years ago AbyssNep

    Does anyone know price or potential profit?

  • Drumsetplyr87
    6 years ago Drumsetplyr87

    I saw someone say 3200 usd and ~1200 watts, 230mh/s. I can build a 5 GPU RX480 8gb rig for 1500 at 900 watts. 140mh/s.

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