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Over 30,000 Websites Are Infected With Malicious Crypto Mining Scripts

With the popularity of cryptocurrencies on the rise, crypto mining malware is becoming increasingly common. More than 30,000 websites across the world have been infected with malicious mining scripts as of July 9, according to a report from China-based blockchain-focused media outlet BlockBeats.

By visiting a web or clicking the display ads, the computing resources of your computer or your mobile phone will be used to mine cryptocurrencies. AdGuard, an ad blocker tool to cushion users from intrusive ads on the web, said in a 2017 research report that over 500 million computers’ central processing unit (CPU) were hijacked to run mining software without users’ consent. And 2.2 percent of top 10,000 websites use crypto-mining scripts.


Websites with lower traffic volume possibly gain several dollars of extra cash per day by compromising machine’s overall performance to mine Monero(XMR), and the daily additional income could soar to thousands of dollars sometimes.

Nearly all in-browser mining scripts are run to mine XMR , because Monero adopts the CPU-friendly algorithm of Cryptoningt, which is ideal for running on a regular computer.

On July 4th, the world’s most popular torrent index site The Pirate Bay has resumed using visitors’ processing power to mine XMR. The site even arrogantly claimed at the bottom of their website that, “By entering TPB you agree to XMR being minded using your CPU. If you don’t agree,please leave now or install an adBlockcker. ”

It is estimated that 68 percent of the websites that are using mining scripts are porn websites. In order to increase revenue, a lot of adult entertainment sites will plant some mining code on their websites.

In addition to PC, a large number of third-party apps onto an Android device are infected with a cryptocurrency-mining virus. According to data from China-based Qihoo 360 Netlab in January, there are more than 400 types crypto mining malware, accounting for one third of the total number of Android viruses. predicted that the cryptocurreny miner Coinhive possibly make between $3.7 million and $ 5million per year in Monero mining, and the annual revenue of the websites and hackers Coinhive support could reach $ 15 million in total. Besides, using users’ CPU to mine cryptos can make as much as $22 million per year.


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