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Opera Browser Crypto Wallet Could be big for Africa

Opera has reportedly launched a beta for their in-browser crypto wallet which could be big in parts of Africa where the browser has the highest number of users. Awareness and use of cryptocurencies have been growing in parts of the continent in the last two years. A major constraint for many African crypto enthusiasts, however, is the low access to broadband data.

With a focus on data compression capitalizing on the growth of smartphone penetration in the region, Opera seeks to help consumers save on data costs and address issues relating to congestion and page sizes. It has worked to enhance usability, functionality and access – even in poor network conditions which is prevalent in various parts of Africa. Combining its existing data compression effort with the crypto wallet launch, more people in Africa are exposed to the crypto space.

As at 2016, according to the Internet company, Opera had 100 million users in Africa with an 86.41% market share in Kenya, 71.83% in Nigeria and 53.1% in South Africa – these countries have the highest record of crypto-related activities on the continent. Android users make up nearly half of overall Opera Mini users in Africa and the browser comes pre-installed on some China-made devices including mobile phones which are popular across the continent.

Just like the HTC Exodus blockchain-powered smartphone to be released soon, Opera is likely to win hearts in the blockchain world especially in Africa as it becomes the first major browser with a crypto wallet that renders the need for third-party extensions or applications unneccesary.

Some reports say that Bitmain, the Chinese cryptocurrency mining hardware manufacturer, recently made an investment of $50 mln in the Internet company. The wallet will support Ethereum and its associated tokens.


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