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One Pixel Costs Over $25,000, EOS PIXEL MASTER May Surpass CryptoKitties as the Most Popular Blockchain Game

EOS PIXEL MASTER, the world’s first distributed collaborative artwork, has currently become the most popular game on the EOS blockchain. The craziest thing is one pixel on the canvas is priced at  over $25,000.

EOS PIXEL MASTER acts as a public canvas which allows users to draw pixel art on top of, meanwhile, it will reward participants with EOS tokens. And its mainnet was launched on September 23.

 “The power is in the algorithm. PIXEL MASTER starts with a blank 1000×1000 pixel canvas. As soon as you, the user, starts to draw on the canvas, you become one of the canvas owners,” the DApp development team writes on its medium. Daniel Larimer, CTO of EOS, commented in a telegram group that the platform has its “economics well thought out.”


The game offers users four ways to earn profits: contribution awards, bids, pixel pot and referral award. Users can withdraw their earnings.

According to the game rules, the price of every pixel starts at 0.05 EOS. Every time someone draws on the canvas after you draw, he needs to buy your pixel and you will get paid. Each subsequent artist have to pay 1.35 times the previous price of their desired pixels. The game will come to an end 24 hours after the last pixel is purchased. If so, the last person to draw on the canvas will be awarded 100 percent of the last pixel pot, which accounts for 25% of the game’s entire proceeds. Like Fomo 3D, the most popular gambling game on Ethereum, EOS PIXEL MASTER sets up the fund pool to attract more speculators.

Three days after the launch of its mainnet, the 1000×1000 pixel canvas was filled with different logos. A user called ayayanotyaya  bought a centre pixe with  4483 EOS tokens on September 28, which was equivalent to $25,100. All the pixels near the center are also super high value.


More than 1,000 people were drawing on the canvas over the past 24 hours, and the EOS trading volume of this game hit 375,885 in the recent week, according to DappRadar, which tracks applications that run on blockchain. As EOS PIXEL MASTER is creating a lot of buzz, some people believe it is just another ponzi scheme, and will crash soon.

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