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OKEx Former CEO Joined Huobi 7 Days After His Sudden Resignation

Chris Lee, the former CEO of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange OKEx, announced he has joined Huobi Group as the secretary of the board and the vice president of international business development on May 21. According to a statement, Lee is mainly in charge of financing, mergers and international business development.huobi-li

Afterwards, Li Lin, founder of Huobi, has posted a welcome letter on the same day. In the letter, Li indicated that Chris Lee is widely known in financial services and fintech sectors because of his association with many investments, banking and public companies. His network and experience in the banking and investment sector can push Huobi Group even further.

Lee used to serve as CFO in PAX Global Technology, and he used to be the person in charge of leading the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange OKEx. He has earned a name in the in the industry as a prominent digital payment technology specialist: the former CEO was previously deemed the best financial executive in Hong Kong by AsiaMoney. He also achieves the Best Chief Financial Officer of tech hardware 2016 award of APAC by institutional investor.

On May 14, Lee has abruptly stepped down his positions as the CEO of OKEx and CFO of OKCOIN due to personal reasons. He also indicated that he wanted to “start a new life” and it was among his “greatest pleasure and honor” to have served OKEx.

In the welcome letter, Huobi’s founder Li Lin underlined he only contacted with Lee immediately after he knew Lee has quit his job and they came to terms in a short time. He also emphasized that, different to other industries, blockchain is a quite efficient industry and things like this always happens.

Meanwhile, Xu Mingxing, founder of OKCOIN has also posted a statement on his WeChat Moments. According to the statement, Xu indicated that he was not informed by  Lee that he intended to left his job until May 14. He talked to Lee on May 9 about OKEx’s Korean business, after that, Lee tried to contact Xu on May 13 but failed and on the day after, he chose to quit his job.

Although Lee’s departure will be a tangible short-term loss, Xu has expressed his best wishes for Lee at the end of the statement and he believes OKEx still has a bright future based on its strength.


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