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OKEx CEO Responds to His Sudden Resignation From the World’s Largest Crypto Exchange

Chris Lee, the head of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange OKEx, abruptly stepped down from his post on May 14,prompting the crypto industry suspicion.

Two days later, Lee released a statement on his Wechat Moments to clarify various rumors around his sudden resignation and outlines his future plan.


First , for the rumor that he resigned after only 3 months on the job, Lee responded he “ has been hired as CEO of OKEx for a year which will be proofed by the appointment document and was appointed as the group’s CFO 20 months ago”.

As for the relationship with Xu Mingxing, founder of Okcoin, Lee said Xu is his good teacher and helpful friend, but he has been at odds with Xu over work for many times, citing personality or working style clashes as a reason.

“ Xu is a tech guy who lacks communication skills, a problem many geniuses have to face. He heads the team alone and is not used to handing over some work to and trusting others. He works really hard, but is not easy to get along with. But I’m only responsible for OKEx’s overseas business and I’m an idealist.”Li said.

He pointed out that Xu Minigxing himself oversees OKEx’s all business and he only manage the company’s overseas markets, including market expansion, assembling teams, and building structures.

“ Nearly half a year ago , I already informed him that I wanted to step aside as the CFO of OKEx, and hoped to be the CEO or an at the front-line position. We discussed about it for once or twice, but not in depth. Whenere I think that I was needed by the company, I decided not to leave.” Li said.

Following 1 year as the CEO and 20 months of experience in OKEx, Chris Lee is eager to try other options while still young. For the future plan, Lee mentioned the possibility of competing with Xu Mingxing in the same market or cooperating with him again. Lee is also grateful for Xu’s help to bring him to the blockchain space.

“I believe in blockchain. I want to contribute my part to the growth of the industry and get a reasonable return. After leaving OkEx, I’m going to chart a future for my brothers and my family on another platform.”Lee said in his statement.

 “ I have a dream of striving to promote the blockchain technology around the world, and to improve corporate governance of Chinese companies. This photo with Xu was taken when I just entered OKEx, and it also brings hope for the future of blockchain. Let’s continue to see the world with a smile.”Lee concluded.



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