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OKCoin Transform Into Blockchain Solution Provider and OKEX Launch C2C Trading

30 Oct 2017 Beijing-OKCoin(China) announced cease of operation in the evening of 30 Oct, 2017. Starting from 12pm 31 Oct, all CNY and BTC trading will be closed off. Users may withdraw CNY any time to their bank accounts and withdraw digital assets to other platforms or wallet. Meanwhile, OKCoin also announces that the Company will transform into solution provider of blockchain application of development, aiming at Chinese market and overseas market as well.
The 3000-word announcement first reviews the history of currency reviews the 4-year development of Bitcoin and blockchain industry in China, along with the regulatory policy change in China. Despite the odds ahead, OKCoin team sees a bright future of Bitcoin and blockchain development worldwide.
On 15 September, OKCoin announced shutdown of new user registration and CNY deposit. Similar statements have also been released by other China-based exchanges. The deadline of total operation shutdown was set at the end of October.

Bitcoin and Block Chain entered China 4 years ago and controversies arised since then.

“Some argue that Bitcoin and blockchain are nothing but childish plaything and have no practical value. Some argue that traditional Internet and financial technology have been very powerful and there are no room for Bitcoin and blockchain. Some people think that Bitcoin and blockchain breed money laundering, blackmail, illegal fund-raising and has no positive benefits to the society. Also there are some people who believe that Bitcoin and blockchain is the underlying technological innovation, and will be the fundamental infrastructure of society just like water, electricity and internet.”

“Bitcoin is only the first P2P methods of value transfer in the Internet era. We believe that in the next four years, blockchain technology will open a new era and will have a profound impact on the real economy with significant contribution in improving the global economic efficiency. Blockchain will become one of the playground for testing scientific and technological strength of a nation. With deployment of Segwit technology, Bitcoin mainnet will become one of the bottom layer of global public blockchain. By utilizing the powerful hashrate on Bitcoin network, various types of notarized blockchain, property rights blockchain clearing chains will also emerge. “

Speaking of the future development of OKCoin, the team are still full of hopes.

“We are a group of young people with the ideology and courage. We have deeply felt the great change brought about by the technology in our life. We embrace more change rather than stay put.”

OKCoin website will continue to serve clients with free storage of digital assets. The customer service call center and online service will be functional. Visitors of will be directed to a new domain:

Tonight at 19pm, OKex will host Fans Appreciation Night simultaneously in Hongkong and Beijing with the theme “we are OK”.


OKEX, the overseas platform of OKCoin, launch the C2C trading platform today. Basically, it’s a P2P trading platform for bitcoin and other digital assets.


Users may register as common trader or market-maker. Common trader is defined as a person who wishes to buy or sell digital assets at a certain price. The market-maker plays the role of counterparty to common traders and provides liquidity to the market.


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