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Deciphering of Bytom’s Data Structure

Aug 11, 2017


Author: Guo Guanghua, developer of Bytom, worked at ARRIS Group for years, former Java developer at Crypape Inc. One of the developers of CITA-Inter-Enterprise Trust Automation and smart digital draft system ZhongChao Smart Card Research Institute. Contributed code to P...

How A Mysterious Miner Could Decide Bitcoin’s Future

Oct 20, 2016


Bitcoin's "most professional mining pool" has become its most controversial. Following months of debate over how to scale bitcoin's transaction capacity, the conversation has become newly contentious as progress on much-hyped solutions continue to face the kinds of delays that perhaps should be...

Dispelling some myths about Bitcoin, from a Bitcoin fan

Jul 16, 2016

L.M. Goodman

Many people who don’t know much about Bitcoin, or who have a poor grasp on economics, have severe misconceptions about Bitcoin. I do not attempt to dispel those myths here because many others have already done so. Rather, I’d like to dispel a few myths that are pervasive in many people who a...

How The Bitcoin Protocol Works

May 25, 2016

Chalmers Brown

An increasing number of businesses and consumers are now considering bitcoin, a new type of currency that offers a potential global-encompassing digital payment method. With this growing acceptance, it's important to learn the essential components of this platform designed to change how we buy and...