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Category Archives: Regulation

Chinese Court Rules Ethereum As Legal Property

Apr 22, 2020

Vincent He

A court in Shenzhen city has passed sentence for an Ethereum theft case recently, ruling that Ethereum token is protected by law as legal property with ‘economic value’, and Chinese citizens are not barred from owning and transferring them. Li, the defendant, took the position as a bloc...

Japan to Cast Wider Crypto Regulatory Net Starting May 1

Apr 18, 2020

Olusegun Ogundeji

Japanese regulators are set to tighten restrictions on crypto custodians in the country. Come May 1, it will be enforcement date for the updated Japanese Payment Services Act (PSA) which will bring about more defined regulations and framework for Japanese crypto exchanges and Virtual As...

Less than 10 Percent of Libra Funding will Come from Facebook

Apr 17, 2020


Libra, Facebook’s highly contested cryptocurrency project, has implemented significant changes into its business model and is now trying to appease global financial regulators. The Libra Association, the project’s governing body comprising various companies and organizations, has pulled back ...