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What Would PBoC’s State-backed Digital Currency Look Like?

Apr 10, 2018


China’s central bank has the ambition to accelerate the development of its own digital currency. Payment methods changes nowadays as digital economic develops, various mobile payment methods lead to a significant effect on the circulation and issuance of RMB. The emerging digital currency mar...

Clarify: India Hasn’t Banned Bitcoin Yet

Apr 8, 2018


As India, Japan, Pakistan and other countries amid regulatory crackdown on cryptocurrency, bitcoin plunges to $6526 USD on Friday. However, there are lots of misconception of the announcement made by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). It was reported that, instead of banning all bitcoi...

Huo Xuewen: Dentralized Is Mistranslated

Apr 3, 2018


March 30 Beijing-In the “afternoon tea” event organized by the Internet Finance Museum, Huo Xuewen, the Party Secretary and the Director of the Beijing Financial Bureau, raised nine questions on the nature and source of value of blockchain, ICO and Bitcoin. He said that everyone...