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Chinese Lawyer Advise ICO Regulation From 6 Perspectives

Aug 16, 2017


Chen Yunfeng, Senior Partner of Zhong Lun Wende Law Firm, shares his view on ICO regulation. As Director of Internet Finance Professional Committee, Chen specializes in Internet Financial Law Business. He suggest that government, industry association, ICO issuer, investor,...

Chinese Lawyer Warns Not to Use “Token Issuance” in ICO

Aug 14, 2017

Red Li

Xiao Sa, a Chinese lawyer specialized in cryptocurrency and blockchain startups, advises ICO issuers not to use “token issuance” in ICO website or whitepaper, especially for those ICOs in China. Also an oversea foundation might not exempt the entity  from local legal jurisdictions. ...

Guiyang Release ICO Regulatory Sandbox Consensus

Jul 28, 2017


25 July, Guiyang- 300 participants  from government, enterprise, research institutes gather in Guiyang for the first ICO Regulatory conference.The theme of the ICO meeting is “"prevention and control of financial risk, serving real economy ". The conference is hosted by the Blockchain...