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Chinese Bitcoin Miners Fear Another Price Dump

Jan 14, 2021

Vincent He

From the second half of the year 2020, things start going like three years ago. After breaking through $10000, the price of bitcoin once skyrocketing to $40000. Long Qin, a bitcoin miner in China, has been persisting in hoarding bitcoins, and the three bitcoins he mined in five years ago hav...

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Hits Record High Amid Price Rally

Jan 12, 2021

lylian Teng

Along with bitcoin breaking new all-time highs, its mining difficulty also hits a record high. Saturday’s adjustment at block 665,280 marks the biggest increase in nearly 4 months, a 10.79% increase from the December 28 adjustment, putting the metric above 20 trillion for the first time ever....

Are Chinese Bitcoin Miners Being Marginalized?

Jan 8, 2021

Vincent He

Without halving, fork, frequent updates of bitcoin's underlying network, when will bitcoin miners have the opportunity to stand on the stage of history? There is a feeling that the mining industry is about to be marginalized, at least away from the center of the industry. Bitcoin is becomin...

Bitcoin Miners Are Moving From China To Nordic Countries

Dec 30, 2020

Bitcoin mining is gradually shifting base. From being concentrated in China, miners have started a gradual but steady migration to countries that present more friendly conditions for their industry. The two major factors that have determined the situation of Bitcoin mining farms over the yea...