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China’s Bitcoin Miners Unwanted in Southeast Asia Too

May 13, 2018


Southeast Asia is emerging as a new hub of bitcoin mining as Chinese miners swarm to Cambodia, Myanmar and Vietnam because of access to comparatively cheap electricity and geographical proximity. While soon these China's unwanted bitcoin miners found they are not wanted there too, complaint...

Canaan may IPO In Hongkong, expecting to raise $1 billion

May 10, 2018


On May 9, the South China Morning Post disclosed that Canaan Creative, China’s second-largest maker of bitcoin mining hardware, plans to launch IPO on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Once successful, it will become the first blockchain listed company in Hong Kong. A senior executi...

Bitmain To Acquire 7nm Chips from TSMC In 2nd Half of 2018

May 7, 2018

Red Li

Today, Bitmain announce sales of new batches of S9 miner with price ranging from 6,500 to 7,000 CNY. Meanwhile, 700-2600 yuan worth of coupons will be distributed to buyers of earlier batches. The company also states 10-day advancement of the batch that should be to be delivered between 10 ...

Game of Death In The Bitcoin Mining Industry

May 5, 2018


Bitcoin mining is suffering from the bear crisis. After the slump in the beginning of 2018, bitcoin mining is walking into winter as bitcoin drop from $10,000 down to $7,000 in March. As analyst with Morgan Stanley predicted that if the coin can’t recover $8,600, many Bitcoin miners wil...

Fan Xiaojun: 5,000 B3 Miner Available In May

Apr 28, 2018


On the afternoon of April 27th, the 2018 Blockchain + Artificial Intelligence summit forum with the theme of "Block Intelligence " jointly organized by 8btc, Bytom and Bitmain, was held in Hangzhou. Industrial leaders offered in-depth insights on topics around block-chain consensus algori...