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Bitmain’s Brand New Z9 Equihash ASIC Miner is Coming Soon

Jul 16, 2018


The new Antminer Z9 released by Bitmain gains further concern from crypto mining communities. It supersedes the ‘Antminer Z9 mini’ and has been marketed as Bitmain’s most powerful and efficient ASIC miner to date. Which also shows the mining giant is enhance its control over PoW mi...

Bitmain Heading Towards 51% Control of the BTC Hashrate

Jun 27, 2018


The China-based crypto mining giant Bitmain has controlled 42 percent of computing power recently which gives rise to fears that the company is approaching the dreaded 51% threshold. According to the data from CoinDance, the two mining pools owned by Bitmain, and Antpool, have ...

HKEX reveal Ebang IPO prospectus, 11% market share in 2017

Jun 25, 2018

Red Li

25 June, Hongkong- Ebang, or producer of E9 miner, have submitted IPO prospectus to HKEX. According to the documents, Ebang's main business is design of ASIC chips, telecommunications business and its design, production and sales of blockchain processors or "BPUs," which is commo...

Jihan Wu of Bitmain: I’m Not A Shrewd Businessman

Jun 19, 2018


Jihan Wu, co-founder of the dominant crypto miner manufacturer Bitmain, said in a recent interview with tech entrepreneur Wang Feng, 2017 is a year with good harvest for the company accompanied by the fast growth of the broader crypto industry, and it is branching out into area including arti...

GPU, ASIC Suppliers See Dim Prospects for Crypto Mining

Jun 13, 2018


According to industry sources, the growth momentum of GPU and ASIC supply chain has slowed down in the past two months affected by the waning of crypto mining craze starting in April 2018. Despite the slight upturn in May, however, the market prospects for crypto mining have tended to be ...