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Top 8 Bestselling GPUs For Crypto Mining In China

Jan 24, 2018

lylian Teng

The digital gold rush in the wake of bitcoin mania took everyone by surprise, with hardware providers for crypto mining included. This spurs an increase in demand for graphics cards (GPUs) and mining rigs. Top 8 bestselling GPUs- Supply shortage According to Boardchannels (an onl...

A Leaving Mining Pool: Too Tired To Carry On in China

Jan 23, 2018

lylian Teng

In China where bitcoin mining has been steadily warmed, some are leaving… “I quit, it’s too tiring to carry on” Zhang Shuai (pseudonym), running a mining pool company, say to thepaper, describing his startup experience as "a mess". “Many small-sized mining farms have moved to Canada,...

Bitmain Urgent Order 100k 12nm Chips From TSMC In 2018

Jan 5, 2018

Red Li

According to Digitimes, TSMC has received an urgent order from Bitmain for 100k 12nm HPC (high performance computing) chips at the beginning of 2018. 10k chips will be delivered every month in Q1 2018 and more in Q2. HPC is a the key element for the development of advanced technolo...